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putting OM in your hOMe



is to transform the experience of cleaning to one that is positive and uplifting. 

blissful home products help you feel better, are healthful, and gives you an experience that gets you looking for something else to clean. They smell great. And they work. They are food grade, made with 100% pure essential oils (no natural or synthetic blends), and are cleaning lady approved. 

They go beyond green and into wellness.

Many "green" products contain synthetic ingredients.  "Derived from vegetable oil" is not the same as vegetable oil itself. All of the ingredients in blissful hOMe products are expressed from the actual plants. Or they are ingredients that come straight from the kitchen, like baking soda and sea salt. There are no colors or dyes, no “natural” or synthetic fragrances, synthetic musks or “made from essential oils.” We leave out ingredients with low enough levels of toxicity to constitute green but eventually builds up over time and compromises the body's natural healing power. 

This means you can trust using blissful hOMe products on your countertops where sometimes the sandwich ends up instead of on your plate. You won’t mind if your child picks it up because it smells so good and they end up spraying their feet with it. And you won't worry if you spill some on the floor and your dog laps it up before you get there with a towel. 

blissful home products are made with essential oils that are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal, as both active ingredients for cleaning and for its therapeutic benefits (to promote a sense of wellness).

Don't we have a responsibility, not just to our planet, but to our inner bliss?