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putting OM in your hOMe

About Us

Founded by a Kundalini Yoga & Meditation instructor and spiritual coach, blissful home was formulated to heal, de-stress and boost mood, just the way that yoga does. But off the mat.  

"I started a non-toxic cleaning company in Chicago before green became a thing. My challenge was to keep my cleaning team happy so that they wouldn't quit or sneak in a toxic cleaner (because that's what they'd do!). They didn't like the green alternatives. This led me to books, online sources and eventually into the kitchen where I experimented with different concoctions and eventually created the first iteration of products that my cleaning people would approve. During this process, I discovered the world of essential oils and their incredible benefits: they were naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, they smelled amazing, and they worked through olfaction to boost the immune system and sense of wellness. They were completely natural and healing. And they were a pleasure to use!

I moved on to teach yoga and become a student in the art of living through Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, yoga and living meditation. These disciplines transformed me and empowered me to re-create my life to be more aligned with who I am. Since then, my personal mission has been to share these tools with others.

As I continued to make these products for myself, what I saw in them was more than cleansers that were safe and effective. What I saw in each bottle was a living meditation. I saw a way of practicing humility and pure presence using a bottle and one's own personal space. The aroma-therapy from the essential oils prompted slow, deep breaths, and a chore was transformed into an elevating experience. As is my desire to share the tools that I use, blissful hOMe was born. It is my hope that everyone experiences and shares the bliss with others!" ~Savitree Kaur