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Product Image "Clarity" Glass & All Purpose Cleaner

"Clarity" Glass & All Purpose Cleaner

$ 7.99

Excellent for shining up mirrors, glass, granite counter-tops & and anything shiny. Also works well on non-shiny hard surfaces. A little goes a long way- there is no alcohol or drying agent, so use sparingly for maximum effectiveness. Wipe well. 


As with all of our products, our Clarity sprays are made with pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, which boosts mood & sense of wellness. They are infused with mantra... see Masaru Emoto's Messages in Water for more on that. And, they smell amazing! This very fact is important because when you like a smell, you tend to breathe deeper. And when you breathe deeper, you automatically begin to de-stress and relax. Which is great for your nervous system as well as how you experience your day.  


how to use: Spray and wipe. With the exception of large surfaces like windows, mirrors and countertops, best to spray on towel and wipe. Also spot-spray on fabric to prevent stain from setting. 


Comes in:  

Lavender, which promotes calm, relaxation, healing, and stress relief.

Peppermint, which promotes alertness, increased energy and reduces fatigue and sense of effort.


ingredients for Lavender Clarity: Carbonated Water, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil. Infused with bliss (yoga mantra).

ingredients Peppermint Clarity: Carbonated Water, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil. Infused with bliss.


Yes, we use carbonated water! We tried everything, and they seem to work best on mirrors. Due to the nature of carbonated water, you may find your bottle slightly expanded, or the level of liquid in your new bottle a little lower than you would like to see. Please excuse the out-gassing. We filled it to the top, we promise.